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# Nico's classfinder docs

## API Documentation

### Class

This is the format of what's usually returned from API calls, and looks like

  CRN: Number,
  Instructor: String,
  Title: String,
  Name: String,
  Credits: String,
  Cost: String,
  StartDate: String,
  EndDate: String,
  Capacity: Number,
  Enrolled: Number,
  Available: Number,
  Description: String,
  Attributes: [String],
  Prerequisites: String,

### GET /searchClasses?<searchKey>=<searchValue>

This is the main endpoint for classfinder's backend, and returns a JSON array of
classes. Available search options include:

- `gur`, `subject`, `coursenumber`, `crn`, `name`, `instructor`, `capacity`,
  `enrolled`, `available`, `description`, `term`, `other`(for other course
  attributes) and `credits` are all fairly straightforward

- `startDate` and `endDate` are in DD/MM format

- `days` is an array of characters, all of which are M-F

- `courseTitle` performs a fuzzy text search on class titles

### GET /getInstructors

This returns a JSON array of unique instructor names