Use thread::sleep instead of the deprecated thread::sleep_ms
Merge butlerd-rs
Use more concise Into<String> notation for function arguments
Use better error handling for functions with no return value
Merge remote and local branches
Small optimizations, use dirs instead of env, use better trait impls
Update README.md and use dirs instead of deprecated env::home_dir
Update README.md
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~nicohman/butlerd-rs
Swap metadata to sr.ht
Add in much better error handling using error-chain
Switch repository to sr.ht
Merge branch 'master'
Switch to use Into<String> for string arguments for optimization
Make a Result alias for better-looking docs
Add macOs and Windows static variables
Add from_start Butler generation option
Add to docs and increment version
Remove method argument from request, assuming POST
Change response fields to be snake case
Remove now-unecessary Packaged structs