A Rust library to interface with itch.io's butler daemon
Use thread::sleep instead of the deprecated thread::sleep_ms
Merge butlerd-rs
Use better error handling for functions with no return value



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butlerd-rs is a rust interface for itch.io's butlerd. Currently in development. No responses to SSE's are implemented yet, though almost everything else from the API is. Very open to feedback and bug reports. Available on crates.io. This repository is a mirror for the main sr.ht repo. This was originally made to support eidolon, though it now covers almost all of the API.

#Getting Started

#Documentation & Dependencies

You can find up-to-date documentation at docs.rs. The only dependency is


  • The tests are a good example of basic usage of the API

#Bug reports/Contributing

Please submit bug reports to the sr.ht issue tracker and patches to the sr.ht mailing list. However, I still will accept issues and pull requests from github. Note: I have not tested this on windows or mac due to lack of testing machines. If you use this library on windows or mac, please let me know if there are bugs.