9f4bfdccc621ccf954ec38dab3199debe5f62cda — nicoco 4 months ago f800781
fix: map message deletion to xep-0425 (moderation) in groups instead of xep-0424 (retraction)
1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M slidcord/client.py
M slidcord/client.py => slidcord/client.py +6 -2
@@ 78,8 78,12 @@ class Discord(di.Client):
        if self.__ignore(m.id):

        if deleter := await self.get_sender_by_message(m):
            deleter.retract(m.id, carbon=carbon)
        if isinstance(m.channel, di.DMChannel):
            author = await self.get_sender_by_message(m)
            author.retract(m.id, carbon=carbon)
        elif isinstance(m.channel, (di.TextChannel, di.GroupChannel)):
            muc = await self.session.bookmarks.by_legacy_id(m.channel.id)

    async def on_reaction_add(self, reaction: di.Reaction, user: Author):
        await self.update_reactions(reaction, user)