Basic self-hosted commenting system


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Commenting system designed to work in conjunction with static site generators.

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Project homepage: https://sr.ht/~nicoco/own-comments

Documentation: https://nicoco.srht.site/own-comments/

Issue tracker: https://todo.sr.ht/~nicoco/own-comments


  • Minimalist
  • Cookie-less: editable comments using an update key stored in the browser localstorage
  • Submitting a comment is possible without javascript
  • Optional customizable frontend using an HTML template element*
  • Email notifications (for the site owner)

[*] the REST api is pretty straightforward to use if you want to roll your own fronted

#Technical details

The backend is written using fastapi, typed-checked with mypy and tested with pytest.

The openapi schema produced is used in the frontend, written in typescript, using openapi-typescript-fetch as the only dependency.

#See it in action

It powers the comments of my personal blog. By the time you read this, maybe someone will have posted a comment on a blog entry, who knows?


podman run -p 8000:80 docker.io/nicocool84/own-comments:latest

Visit http://localhost:8000/static/index.html or http://localhost:8000/docs to see what it looks like.


This blog post lists quite a few alternatives. Own-comments was heavily inspired by caint.