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# Work ("science")-related pieces of code
# Work, aka *science* bits

Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to work in an libre software (not even open source)
friendly environment, so most of the code I produce during business hours is not getting out
in the wild. Over the years, I managed to release a few little tools anyway. Hopefully,
this trend will not fade!
this trend will not fade and more will follow.

- [JSMS](https://nicoco.fr/jsms): An in-browser Eulerian solver for the
  [Mitchell-Schaeffer](https://link.springer.com/article/10.1016/S0092-8240%2803%2900041-7) model
  of cardiac action potential. Useful to visualize the impact of its different parameters.
- [Pyezzi](https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyezzi): an implementation of 
  the [Yezzi & Prince method](http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/tmi.2003.817775) for computing tissue thickness 
  on medical images
  on medical images.
- [SPADE](https://pypi.python.org/pypi/small-particle-detection): a discretized, simplified version of
  marked point process for object detection developped during my internship at

# Personal projects
# Personal stuff

My active personal projects are on [sourcehut](https://sr.ht/~nicoco), because it's my favorite
software forge.
My active personal projects are on [sourcehut](https://sr.ht/~nicoco):

- [slidge](https://sr.ht/~nicoco): Pythonic XMPP gateways.
  I very much enjoy the XMPP protocol for communications, so my biggest project is related to this:
- [own-comments](https://sr.ht/~own-comments): Commenting system in use on my [blog](/blog)
  I've always enjoyed having all my chats in a single app.
  To this end, I have used [pidgin](https://pidgin.im/) for years,
  but XMPP makes it possible to handle this server-side,
  making your multiprotocol chat experience sync'ed across different clients and devices,
  including your phone.
  XMPP is great! 
- [own-comments](https://sr.ht/~own-comments): Self-hosted, minimalist commenting system.
  It's used in my [blog](/blog).

# Other forges I might be active on
# Other forges

- [Inria's gitlab instance](https://gitlab.inria.fr/users/ncedilni/projects)
- [gitlab](https://gitlab.com/nicocool84).
- [github](https://github.com/truenicoco).
- [gitlab.com](https://gitlab.com/nicocool84)
- [github](https://github.com/truenicoco)