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Generates RSS feeds for Twitch accounts.

This acts as a proxy to Twitch, presenting video history as an RSS feed. The idea is that you can add specific accounts to your RSS reader as separate URLs/feeds.

You can run it in two modes:

  • HTTP: A caching proxy to Twitch, presenting an HTTP endpoint that can be added to RSS readers
  • CLI: Manual polling (without caching), the resulting feed can be published to a static site.


In order to use this, you first need to create a Twitch App and get the Client ID and Client Secret. Those credentials will then be used by twitch-rss to query Twitch APIs.

To install twitch-rss, you can run cargo install twitch-rss. Docker images for amd64/arm64 are also available, see the Dockerfile.


  1. Prerequisites: Get your Twitch App credentials, and install twitch-rss using cargo install twitch-rss.
  2. Start twitch-rss with CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET envvars containing the Twitch App credentials. You can optionally also specify LISTEN, is the default:
$ CLIENT_ID=1234...abcd \
    CLIENT_SECRET=5678...efgh \
    LISTEN= \
  1. Add twitch-rss URL(s) to your RSS reader (e.g. miniflux), or test manually with curl:
$ curl -v ''


Alternatively you can also run twitch-rss via the CLI with the account to query, and it will write the RSS to stdout. This is useful for testing or for writing the RSS payload to a static page.

$ CLIENT_ID=1234...abcd \
    CLIENT_SECRET=5678...efgh \
    ./twitch-rss ACCOUNT_NAME_HERE


This project is licensed under the FAFOL. This is intended to restrict use of the project for purposes that would be considered unethical by its authors.