Switch to new retainer, bump other deps
Bump dependencies, break image build into deps vs project for caching
Bump DNS specs
Fixes to EDNS handling in client requests
Differentiate between dnssec_ok=y/n in caching (fix #33)
Implement DoT, tidy up timeouts, cargo fmt
Fix buffer bug, exit process if a thread panics
Add SSL build deps
Switch to native-tls since it has ALPN now
Add CI badge
Second try to fix 'Exec format error' in CI
Try to fix 'Exec format error' in CI
Add version command, fix exec error in CI, add arm64 build to CI
Drop host build and GIT_BRANCH image tag
Try building multiarch docker images in CI
Switch to published retainer_nickbp fork
Rename kapiti -> originz, update dependencies
Give some files better names (http=>fetcher, then downloader=>updater to avoid confusion with fetcher)
Only build binary in docker build
Initialize scratch buffer size, not just capacity