Cut 0.3.2: fix new keypairs
Fix initial keypair output: wasn't writing the cert
Fix script warning on dash systems
Bump to 0.3.1, mainly due to bug fix
Fix cert confirmation blocking server input: Run input and connections on separate loops
Bump quinn 0.10->0.11 and rustls 0.21->0.23: was blocked on quinn upgrade (PR #1715)
Bump some deps: avoid clap 4.5 which breaks everything, and waiting on quinn 0.11 to upgrade rustls and rcgen
Cut 0.3.0, bump deps, cargo fmt
Drop the last button press from a combo at the server too: Always grab keyboards at the server, while mice/touchpads continue to pass through
Update event->device routing to avoid reordering events across types
cargo fmt: examples
Fix examples build
Detect when a given input device has keys relevant to one or more configured key shortcuts - just logging a debug message for now
Break out shortcut handling into separate module, parse shortcut config strings up front
When the user completes a combo, consume the last keypress/release of the combo.

For example if the combo is ALT,N (in that order) then we consume the N keypress/release. If the user instead presses N,ALT then we consume the ALT keypress/release.

We only do this for the LAST key because it'll look like keys are broken if we speculatively consume all keys in the combo. In the ALT+N case, consuming all keys would make it look like the N key doesn't work or is delayed, since we'd keep grabbing it until it's apparent that a combo isn't being performed, like when a different key outside the combo is pressed. On top of that, there'd also be correctly handling the case when N is being held down. And then finally, there's the fact that multiple combos could be activated by the same key, like the ALT+P/ALT+N defaults.

For now this consume only applies when sending input to remote clients, since we don't grab server-local input (yet), so server->client switches will still see the last key emitted at the server.
Prepare for 0.3.0 (protocol version change), not published yet
Tidy up logging
Tidy up trace info about outgoing events