Switch to hugo rendering, fix links
CI: Push docs/ to site
Move docs from gh-pages branch
249e7866 — Nicholas Parker 8 years ago
Fix some sqlite enable stuff, and a python utf thing
712c5d5d — Nicholas Parker 8 years ago
Add py example to README
3e2b9f8c — Nicholas Parker 8 years ago
Finish up the Python interface, clean up docs a bit
def9e7ea — Nicholas Parker 8 years ago
Update ifdef guard to match filename
70b5a8d7 — Nicholas Parker 8 years ago
Add the beginnings of a Python interface to Marky (using the new C API)
Update handling of build enable/disable for SQLite a bit
af603e39 — Nicholas Parker 8 years ago
Add a C API, and add some basic smoke tests against it as well as the main C++ frontend.
c862c851 — Nicholas Parker 8 years ago
Marky 2.0!

- Support arbitrary lookup/output chain lengths (new: -w/--window, defaults to 1 for previous behavior)
- Common:
  - Rename "Link" to "Snippet" to be less ambiguous (and since they're no longer strictly pairs)
  - Have Marky/frontend own the State, instead of duplicate handling in the backends.
- Backends:
  - Update write call to support bulk writes, misc other optimizations.
  - SQLite: Prepare statements up-front. Use "INSERT OR UPDATE" when applicable.
  - Cache: Fixes to allow usage across read/write scenarios. Previously only one or the other.

End result: Variable lookup chain lengths now supported, with same or better performance than before!
Tab to 4sp. No actual code changes.
add README, rename LICENCE.txt to LICENCE
clean up a mess i'd made when merging things
Correctly handle start and end of lines

- Update marky itself to mark/handle line start/end as empty words.
- Restructure test data to have approx one line per sentence.
fix test: map's random no longer only returns last link
Add gitignore for bin/
Improve randomness of Backend_Map, fix EOF error in marky-text.
Add a commandline utility for using Marky against text files.

- Add marky-file app
- Fix bugs in sqlite, cache, and marky.cpp
- Switch sqlite state table to being a key/value list rather than
  a single row
- Add support for limiting by word count (in addition to char count)
- Use a randomish seed for rand() in selectors
fill in the new missing parts for sqlite caching. new stuff still needs tests.