Bump deps and update secret
Bump deps, switch to ghcr
Remove tracing workaround
Dependency bump
Fix build badge
Still seeing 'Killed' so just disable arm64 for now. Regression in sourcehut
Bump dependencies, switch from git dep to fork crate, cut 0.0.3 for re-rename
Fix 'Killed': Try running jobs sequentially?
Rename Originz back to Kapiti
Fix https filter URLs for some hosts, tidy up error handling/messages
Fix deprecation notices
Refactor filter handling a bit, add support for adblock-style domain filters
Actually nevermind, build-deps just seems to be broken now.

thread 'main' panicked at 'activated_features for invalid package: features did not find PackageId { name: "criterion", version: "0.3.6", source: "registry `crates-io`" } NormalOrDevOrArtifactTarget(None)', src/tools/cargo/src/cargo/core/resolver/features.rs:318:14
Hack to fix build-deps wanting to see bench source code: Hide it
Include ca-certificates in docker image: for DoH upstream client
Bump dependencies, clean unused args
Switch to new retainer, bump other deps