Give some files better names (http=>fetcher, then downloader=>updater to avoid confusion with fetcher)
Only build binary in docker build
Initialize scratch buffer size, not just capacity
Clean up TODOs, make cache capacity configurable, use fork with cache entry access fix
Update dependencies to latest along with corresponding code changes
Fix build and issues with benchmark harness
Write logs to stderr
Support filter params at the root config level again
Update repo location
Comment cleanup
Use debian slim runtime image to avoid linker issues
Update docker repo location
Implement clean thread teardown on sigkill/sigint

Avoids aborting things uncleanly if we're in the middle of a filter update, for example
More cleanup and a rust compiler crash
Tidy up runner structure a bit
Try setting up basic build CI
Try including TXT with filter info in filter responses (#20)
Implement polling-based background filter updates (#9)

Local files are currently only updated by the main polling loop, could instead add a separate inotify-based update thread for them?
Support hardcoded block for firefox canary domain (#31)
Restructure config to support multiple filter blocks and HTTP listeners (#30/#32)