5dd7b397fc6f03ffa881424b6d84e6de73605ac6 — Nick Parker a month ago 785f29e main
Support filter params at the root config level again
2 files changed, 33 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M src/config.rs
M src/runner.rs
M src/config.rs => src/config.rs +21 -0
@@ 86,6 86,24 @@ pub struct Config {
    #[serde(alias = "filter")]
    pub filters: HashMap<String, ConfigFilter>,

    /// Equivalent to `ConfigFilter.overrides` with an empty `ConfigFilter.applies_to`.
    #[serde(alias = "override")]
    #[serde(deserialize_with = "string_or_seq_string")]
    pub overrides: Vec<String>,

    /// Equivalent to `ConfigFilter.blocks` with an empty `ConfigFilter.applies_to`.
    #[serde(alias = "block")]
    #[serde(deserialize_with = "string_or_seq_string")]
    pub blocks: Vec<String>,

    /// Equivalent to `ConfigFilter.allows` with an empty `ConfigFilter.applies_to`.
    #[serde(alias = "allow")]
    #[serde(deserialize_with = "string_or_seq_string")]
    pub allows: Vec<String>,

    /// One or more DNS server endpoints.
    /// These may be provided as hostnames (required for DNS-over-HTTPS), but at least one upstream entry must be provided as an IP to "bootstrap" any hostname entries.
    /// Entries are in order of priority, where earlier entries are used before trying later entries. The following protocols are supported:

@@ 122,6 140,9 @@ impl Config {
            upstreams: vec![upstream],
            filter_refresh_seconds: 3600,
            filters: HashMap::new(),
            overrides: Vec::new(),
            blocks: Vec::new(),
            allows: Vec::new(),
            redis: "".to_string(),

M src/runner.rs => src/runner.rs +12 -1
@@ 206,7 206,18 @@ impl Runner {
            let filter_copy = filter.clone();
            // For now we assume that the list of filters is constant.
            // Once we start supporting live updates of the filter list, this will need to be restructured.
            let filters_copy = self.config.filters.clone();
            let mut filters_copy = self.config.filters.clone();
            if !self.config.overrides.is_empty() || !self.config.blocks.is_empty() || !self.config.allows.is_empty() {
                        overrides: self.config.overrides,
                        blocks: self.config.blocks,
                        allows: self.config.allows,
                        applies_to: "".to_string(),