Switch to linked image preview for the video
Update links and fix site render
CI: Push docs/ to site
Move docs from gh-pages branch
Streamline logging interface

Previously, separate macros were needed for cases where there were no
printf-style separated formatting/value arguments, eg 'LOG("hello");'.

This updates things such that the same LOG macro handles both cases,
and removes many other permutations which weren't being used anyway.
Fix a couple signed/unsigned comparison warnings
Tab to 4sp. No actual code changes.
Switch ignore rule to "pager OR taskbar" instead of "pager AND taskbar"
Rename commands, add window/monitor switching diagonals.

- All commands (incl grid commands) have been renamed for consistency
  across all actions.
- New commands now have diagonal equivalents.
Add commands for window selection and cross-monitor movement.

- New command set for selecting windows adjacent to the active window.
- New command set for moving windows to adjacent monitors.
- The usual cleanup and simplification of current code.
update README
Add gitignore for bin/
make the position math steps more visible to the outside. when next position is going to be filling the screen, just maximize the window.
refrain from moving windows that have SKIP_PAGER and SKIP_TASKBAR enabled -- used by some taskbars and panels
move position calculations out of grid.cpp into a separate module. refrain from moving windows with a _DOCK and/or _DESKTOP type flag enabled. add a stub with timestamp/cmdline to the top of logfile output.
instead of all that margin math to get the window's exterior dimensions, lets just go by the parent dimensions
actually, stick to the previous method, the EXTENTS stuff is useful for getting right/bottom window margins

Revert "use getwindowattributes for grabbing window margins/size -- a bit simpler than the previous method"

This reverts commit a026705f04d1d9c590b8aa3e09373fda197c49e7.
use getwindowattributes for grabbing window margins/size -- a bit simpler than the previous method
remove some temp notes from previous commit