e0b744f19b0fe76f966024f6dfd161e056df1872 — Nicholas Parker 10 years ago 1a93ee7
remove some temp notes from previous commit
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

M src/viewport-xinerama.cpp
M src/viewport-xinerama.cpp => src/viewport-xinerama.cpp +1 -4
@@ 138,13 138,10 @@ bool viewport::get_viewport_xinerama(Display* disp,
				strut[1], strut[6], strut[7],
				strut[2], strut[8], strut[9],
				strut[3], strut[10], strut[11]);

		//check whether the strut (which is given relative to the bounding box) is within
		//the active screen, then update/shrink the active screen's viewport if it is.

		//strut x = 1010
		//bound x = 5
		//viewport x = 1005

		//left strut: first check if it intersects our screen's min/max y
		if (strut[0] > 0 && INTERSECTION(active_ymin, active_ymax, strut[4], strut[5]) != 0) {
			//then check if the strut (relative to the bounding box) actually exceeds our min x