Add 'test' mode for evaluating a local file
Disable autoplay and mute in embedded twitch videos
Have the requestor pass the embed hostname explicitly - it can vary by client etc
Try twitch iframe method instead: RSS reader dislikes javascript
Update dependencies
Embed twitch videos by default - try with JS method, since iframe requires knowing the site hostname
Bump deps, update docker base image
Fix code formatting
clippy and bump deps
Specify the missing envvars when in 'twitch' mode
Include openssl in dockerfile. Had tried using rustls via reqwest but still had problems, probably would need to enable it several places.
Wrap up TODOs for arg parsing and request logging
Switch from asyncstd/surf/tide to tokio/reqwest/warp

Seems to work from some cursory testing, couple TODOs to fix
Avoid linking 404 'image', bump deps, update secret
Update readme to link to ghcr
Get combined text across nested tags, bump deps, switch to ghcr
Remove tracing workaround