Fix build badge, bump deps
Actually, other builds still see 'Killed' so just disable arm for now. Some regression in sourcehut
Try jobs=1 to avoid 'Killed' in CI
Release 0.1: html scraping generally works
Add toml site param for article timestamp timezone
Add best-effort conversion of pub_date timestamps to RFC2822, populate ttl and lastBuildDate, disable caches in oneshot runs
Implement website scraping mode with manually defined CSS selectors
Rename 'html' CLI mode to 'site'
Update args and config management to treat twitch service as optional
Update CI build to new docker repository
Rename project to 'force-rss', change `/rss`->`/twitch`, and `CLIENT_*` to `TWITCH_CLIENT_*`

Doing some renaming to support other types of upstream services (e.g. thinking scraping arbitrary html pages)
curl should be in runtime, not builder
Bump deps, add curl to docker image
Release 0.1.2: Bump dependencies
Build docker images in CI, tidy up readme, add -v/--version arg
Clean up HTML on RSS item content, update dependencies
Add clarification around installing twitch-rss itself
Tidy up readme, clarify some parts