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In order to use this, you first need to create a [Twitch App](https://dev.twitch.tv/console/apps/create) and get the Client ID and Client Secret.
Those credentials will then be used by `twitch-rss` to query Twitch APIs.

To install `twitch-rss`, you can run `cargo install twitch-rss`. [Docker images](https://hub.docker.com/r/nickbp/twitch-rss/tags) for amd64/arm64 are also available, see the [Dockerfile](https://git.sr.ht/~nickbp/twitch-rss/tree/main/item/Dockerfile).

### HTTP

0. Prerequisites: Get your Twitch App credentials, and install `twitch-rss` using `cargo install twitch-rss`.
1. Start `twitch-rss` with `CLIENT_ID` and `CLIENT_SECRET` envvars containing the Twitch App credentials. You can optionally also specify `LISTEN`, `` is the default:
$ CLIENT_ID=1234...abcd \