Update version to 3.2.0
Update FreeBSD build to use python 3.9
Do not upload doc when not on master branch
HiTechnic Prototype class now tested

Thanks to Jared Dunbar for the test!

Also fix an obviously wrong registers definition.

See https://github.com/schodet/nxt-python/issues/187
Merge branch 'rrhartjr-master'
0953c609 — Ralph Hart, Jr a month ago
docs/installation.rst: add macOS for installing pybluez
Ran isort, black and flake8
Merge branch 'marvinknoll-stop-turning-motor'
046ff717 — marvin a month ago
Update motor tests + Add stop motor.turn test
5447b80a — marvin a month ago
Avoid spinning
6f83ad4e — marvin 2 months ago
Add possibility to stop motor.turn()
Update version to 3.1.0
Update MANIFEST.in
Fix comment about MotorControlXX.rxe
Update freebsd tests
Change color sensor to return an enum

Use enum.IntEnum to keep backward compatibility with old scripts.
Add Mindstorms sensors documentation

Also change Ultrasonic.Command to use a enum.Enum. Remove the 's'.
Add a test for negative temperatures

Actually, it works :)
Simplify usage of super()
Do not reset USB device on Windows

This is a workaround, no good explanation for now.

Closes https://github.com/schodet/nxt-python/issues/182