1bb72dd1981480b403286bad922f789de7190379 — Nicolas Schodet 2 months ago 1d29484
HiTechnic Prototype class now tested

Thanks to Jared Dunbar for the test!

Also fix an obviously wrong registers definition.

See https://github.com/schodet/nxt-python/issues/187
1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

M nxt/sensor/hitechnic.py
M nxt/sensor/hitechnic.py => nxt/sensor/hitechnic.py +5 -7
@@ 391,16 391,14 @@ class Gyro(BaseAnalogSensor):

class Prototype(BaseDigitalSensor):
    """Object for HiTechnic sensor prototype boards. Coded to HiTechnic's specs but not
tested. Please report whether this worked for you or not!
    """Object for HiTechnic sensor prototype boards."""
    I2C_ADDRESS = BaseDigitalSensor.I2C_ADDRESS.copy()
        'A0': (0x42, '<H'),
        'A0': (0x44, '<H'),
        'A0': (0x46, '<H'),
        'A0': (0x48, '<H'),
        'A0': (0x4A, '<H'),
        'A1': (0x44, '<H'),
        'A2': (0x46, '<H'),
        'A3': (0x48, '<H'),
        'A4': (0x4A, '<H'),
        'all_analog': (0x42, '<5H'),
        'digital_in': (0x4C, 'B'),
        'digital_out': (0x4D, 'B'),