Update version to 0.4.2
Add manual pages

Manual pages are built using scdoc. This is marked as optional.
Add a script to update version

So that it is not forgot in the future.

This is to be used with semver script from Drew DeVault.
Change to version 0.4.1

This was forgotten before tagging.
Update README with build instructions on Debian based distributions
Update David Anderson email address

At his request, the old address died at least 15 years ago.
Change to version 0.4.0
Update README file

Tell the world libnxt is live again, and introduce myself.

Add more instruction to flash the firmware.
Remove inclusion of headers which are not needed
Enable higher warning level by default at build
Change buffer type to uint8_t, fix const correctness

Use uint8_t type for every binary data.

Use const when data is not modified by function.

Also fix a signed/unsigned comparison warning.
Fix include guard
Update code to work with libusb 1.0
Use clang-format for code formatting

Tried to use a style as similar as possible to the current codebase.
Allow setting a jump address for fwexec

Add an additional parameter to use a different address to jump to.
Default to the load address.
Fix duplicated flash write

There was a bug in commit "Make the estorm firmware image link properly,
and adapt the firmware flasher to flash images that aren't 256k long"
which makes libnxt program every pages two times. Remove this extra
programming, reducing flash wear.
Replace the build system with Meson

The SCons based build was broken using the current version. It needs to
be fixed or replaced.

SCons requires too much local code to make it work correctly, as said on
https://wiki.debian.org/UpstreamGuide#SCons, or

Change the build to use Meson. At the same time:

- remove the download of flash.bin from libnxt.googlecode.com as it does
  not work anymore,
- simplify the header generation,
- update the README file with new instructions and URLs.
Fix missing newline in fwexec help message
Use endian independent code

This allows to remove the endian test from the build system.
Fix duplicated const qualifier