I use this as part of kakoune.
Put this where it belongs.
Add a script for printing PR info from github.
Add a script for doing the equivalent of vim's -O flag.
Sometimes I deal with really ugly Python code and need to change a bunch of camel case to snake case...
Add a CLI tool for quickly jumping into docker containers based on a substring of their name.
Add a CLI tool for viewing ICS calendars.
Update gitignore.
How did I never commit this?
Delete all of this, I don't use it anymore.
I want the titles to reflect the current pane's working directory.
Update my email, and add a local override for work.
I don't use this anymore.
Let's not gradually fill the filesystem with trash.
I don't even know what top does with config serialization.
Trim fat, and make it work with the latest release.
Remove a dead option and update to work with latest tmux.
This hurts my hand less.
Clean up my zshrc

This moves everything into functions so that functionality (heh) is

I got carried away and can't be bothered breaking up the changes, but
other changes include:
    - compinit caching, which speeds up start up time by 25%
    - trimmed a bunch of aliases and functions I never use
    - use my own RPROMPT for vcs info, which is faster than the built in one
    - use an async rprompt, because git diff is slow
171df9fd — Nathan Hoad 1 year, 7 months ago
tmux: Tmux options I've set for a while.