scheduler: add latest chapter number to log
log search query in mangadex error msg
add .envrc
bring back mangadex chapter names

Turns out there's another API that lists chapters. Oh well.
update jinja
dark mode: make link buttons dark

Latest version of `prettier` auto-inserts trailing comma in arg list,
which is an ES8 feature so jshintrc needed a config update too.

Removed unnecessary `.follows--chapter` class and the unused `::after`
update deps
more granular pageMaxWidth; use sessionStorage

I think anything more persistent than sessionStorage will be more
annoying that it's worth.
lazy dark mode
fit title cover into viewport width

Fixes mobile
update server fingerprint
schduler: ignore 404 errors

May consider automatically clean up 404 titles as well.
update deps
update werkzeug so dependabot would shut up
use latest poetry minor version too

Pinning the minor version just to be safe.
update deps; apsw is finally on pypi

- apsw: now installable from pypi like a normal library
- flask: FLASK_ENV is deprecated in favor or FLASK_DEBUG
- goodconf: I had to pin to v1 because the latest goodconf (v3) pivoted
  into a wrapper around pydantic for some reason, and they changed the
  API to a leaky thin wrapper around pydantic too. Weird.
mangadex breaking update: /manga/ --> /title/
add ipv4 warning