I no longer need to manually mirror
also look for pages_alt when checking img url
fix extra blank space below spoiler
don't split mangadex descriptions by papragraphs

Because if a spoiler tag's content has multiple paragraphs, it would be
cut short.
always deploy master to dev server

I've had enough of all this tagging business.
parse bbcode from mangadex descriptions

To do that, our system now also accepts descriptions in html format in
addition to plaintext. Each SourceSite class should specify which format
it outputs. BBCode can now be converted into html at the source site
expose is_webtoon field to client
move is_webtoon logic from chapter to title

Eventually we should properly implement tags.
login form debug message
use mangadex api v2

This API removed chapter's `long_strip` field for whatever reason.
Nagging for it on Discord.
get rid of browser's SameSite cookie warning

check manga image url from db instead of regex
yet another mangasee domain

This might not be sustainable...
Guess I'll rethink the check if another case appears.
why so many domains goddammit
mangasee has new img domain

hopefully this doesn't become a habit
save both md & md@h links; fallback logic on FE

Preload logic is still wonky though: if fallback happens while
preloading, the alt urls (md@h ones) are cached but when user actually
navigates to next chapter, browser will try the default urls first, fail
again, then try alt urls again whose cache has expired (at least on
firefox when I tested it).
update mangasee cover image server

Also apparently latest `black` takes trailing slash in function argument
list into account, so in order to keep things in 1 line we'll need to
remove the trailing slash.
simpler, more correct mirror command

Old one didn't push non-master branches.
use MD@H links by default

MD's own image servers are sometimes down (like, right now). It's also
more polite to hit MD@H servers instead.

Also needed to work around the filesystem's filename length limit.

Ideally, we should probably store both main and fallback image links on
our side. Or maybe add some sort of wholesale preload logic so we can
retire the proxy thingy altogether.
filter out chapters not yet accessible