update deps
update werkzeug so dependabot would shut up
use latest poetry minor version too

Pinning the minor version just to be safe.
update deps; apsw is finally on pypi

- apsw: now installable from pypi like a normal library
- flask: FLASK_ENV is deprecated in favor or FLASK_DEBUG
- goodconf: I had to pin to v1 because the latest goodconf (v3) pivoted
  into a wrapper around pydantic for some reason, and they changed the
  API to a leaky thin wrapper around pydantic too. Weird.
mangadex breaking update: /manga/ --> /title/
add ipv4 warning
mangasee switched their cover domain again
apparently builds.srht now has branch in tags?
bump version just in case I forget later
update deps to fix jinja

Gotta love python dep management:
fix bug when there's no description

Also updated some other tests because their respective values on
mangadex changed.
update dep because dependabot
fix mangadex get_chapter

They moved chapter data (hash, file names) from the normal `chapter` API
to the `at-home` one for some reason.
update poetry & readme for pypi
implement pytaku-collect-static command
remove cloudscraper

Because we now depend on gae-proxy which does that anyway
hjkl navigation because why not