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M .builds/debian.yml
M .builds/debian.yml => .builds/debian.yml +4 -0
@@ 40,6 40,7 @@ tasks:
        --bundle --sourcemap --minify \
      poetry build
      cp dist/*.whl pytaku.whl

  # Builds.sr.ht doesn't support tag or even branch detection yet:
  # > https://todo.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/builds.sr.ht/170

@@ 81,3 82,6 @@ tasks:
  - publish: |
      cd pytaku
      poetry publish

  - pytaku/pytaku.whl

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@@ 32,8 32,8 @@ doas pacman -S nodejs  # used by cloudscraper to bypass Cloudflare

poetry install
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install https://github.com/rogerbinns/apsw/releases/download/3.32.2-r1/apsw-3.32.2-r1.zip \
      --global-option=fetch --global-option=--version --global-option=3.32.2 --global-option=--all \
pip install https://github.com/rogerbinns/apsw/releases/download/3.34.0-r1/apsw-3.34.0-r1.zip \
      --global-option=fetch --global-option=--version --global-option=3.34.0 --global-option=--all \
      --global-option=build --global-option=--enable-all-extensions

pytaku-generate-config > pytaku.conf.json

@@ 59,6 59,18 @@ find src/pytaku/js-src -name '*.js' | entr -rc \

### Dumb proxy

Eventually mangasee started using a somewhat aggressive cloudflare protection
so cloudscraper alone is not enough (looks like our IP got blacklisted or
throttled all the time), so now I have to send requests through a crappy
[GAE-based proxy](https://git.sr.ht/~nhanb/gae-proxy). You'll need to spin up
your own proxy instance (Google App Engine free tier is enough for personal
use), then fill out OUTGOING_PROXY_NETLOC and OUTGOING_PROXY_KEY accordingly.

Yes it's not a standards-compliant http(s) proxy so you can't just use yours. I
chose the cheapest (free) way to get a somewhat reliable IP-rotating proxy.

## Tests

Can be run with just `pytest`. It needs a pytaku.conf.json as well.

@@ 75,13 87,13 @@ npm install -g --prefix ~/.node_modules jshint

# Production

This assumes Debian 11, consequently targeting python 3.9.

sudo apt install nodejs  # used by cloudscraper to bypass Cloudflare
pip install --user --upgrade pip
pip install --user pytaku
pip install https://github.com/rogerbinns/apsw/releases/download/3.32.2-r1/apsw-3.32.2-r1.zip \
      --global-option=fetch --global-option=--version --global-option=3.32.2 --global-option=--all \
      --global-option=build --global-option=--enable-all-extensions
# nodejs is used by cloudscraper to bypass Cloudflare
sudo apt install nodejs python3-pip python3-apsw
pip3 install --user pytaku
# now make sure ~/.local/bin is in your $PATH so pytaku commands are usable

pytaku-generate-config > pytaku.conf.json
# fill stuff as needed

@@ 93,18 105,25 @@ pytaku-migrate
pytaku -w 7  # production web server - args are passed as-is to gunicorn
pytaku-scheduler  # scheduled tasks e.g. update titles

# don't forget to setup your proxy, same as in development:
# https://git.sr.ht/~nhanb/gae-proxy

# upgrades:
pip install --user --upgrade pytaku
pip3 install --user --upgrade pytaku
# then restart `pytaku` & `pytaku-scheduler` processes

I don't have to remind you to properly set up a firewall and a TLS-terminating
reverse proxy e.g. nginx/caddy, right?
If you're exposing your instance to the internet, I don't have to remind you to
properly set up a firewall and a TLS-terminating reverse proxy e.g.
nginx/caddy, right?

Alternatively, just setup [tailscale](https://tailscale.com/) and let them
worry about access control and end-to-end encryption for you.


Copyright (C) 2020  Bùi Thành Nhân
Copyright (C) 2021  Bùi Thành Nhân

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 as published by