new overlay that doesn't obscure sf6 round counts
downgrade to python 3.9



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


ORTS is no longer maintained. Check out its successor GORTS, which is lighter weight and sports a new design which is compatible with newer fighting games.

#Overly Repetitive Tedious Software




ORTS is a StreamControl ripoff with an opinionated set of quality-of-life features:

  • Visible diff & easy undo: Changes not yet applied to stream are highlighted and can be discarded with the Discard button (duh).

  • Player name + country import: Currently supports smash.gg. data is saved as a csv file which can then be updated manually using any (decent) spreadsheet editor.

  • Better player name lookup: Matches names containing your query rather than starting with (one of my pet peeves about StreamControl).

  • Cross-platform: Tested on Windows & Linux. Should work on OS X too but I don't use it so you're on your own.


Stable builds for 64-bit Windows can be found in Releases.

I used to provide Linux builds but glibc/fontconfig versioning shenanigans put me off. Also I only run streams on Windows so it's just not worth the effort anymore. It definitely runs on Linux though, since that's where I primarily develop ORTS on. Simply pull the code & run poetry install --no-dev, then python orts.py.

#How to use

  • Run the orts executable.
  • Open OBS => Add browser source => Point to http://localhost:1337
  • Browser size must be 1920x1080.
  • If you want to manually tweak player names after importing from smash.gg, edit data/players.csv with any text editor (notepad++) or spreadsheet editor (excel or libreoffice calc if you're poor like me)
  • If you want to customize the look, open up the web folder and go wild. You only need basic HTML/CSS/JS knowledge to work on it. No fancy frameworks.

#How to develop

Requires python >= 3.7 because we need the added-in-3.7 ttk.Spinbox widget. I also use poetry, so instead of pip, just run poetry install to install dependencies.