kitty: make font size 16 because I'm old
use ipdb as breakpoint() by default
add mkpj helper
themes: alabaster for kitty & lunaperche for vim

Also tweaked tab bar appearance.
more tmux-to-kitty transition

Mostly remaps. Seamless vim split navigation works too.
Since I'm no longer limited by tmux, I can use alt key combinations
instead of clunky tmux prefixes.
try kitty as konsole+tmux replacement

- include offline machine-specific config
- clearer tab separator
- use oceanic-next colorscheme because the previous one ends of with
  orange background on kitty for some reason.
- spoonfeed vim with modern terminal features as instructed by the kitty
  faq. One thing I noticed right away was beam cursor in insert mode.

TODO: remap my current tmux keybindings to kitty's equivalents.
set default gokrazy parent dir
tidy up tailscale abbrs
set GOARCH=amd64 by default
add djot vim plugin
firefox: don't show menu when pressing Alt

I use Alt a lot to switch between virtual desktops, so having firefox
show the menu on Alt is kinda distracting.
trim kwin-shortcuts
use /tmp again

Since I'm not using crostini anymore
mpv: avoid artifacts when exiting fullscreen
mpv: use input.conf for tiger too
kde: properly shutdown from custom command

This allows KDE's Logout notifacation sound to play.

As for how the params work:

- 0: without confirmation
- 2: shutdown
- 2: immediately

For more detail, see
mpv: alt+j/k to decrease/increase subtitles size
ycm: enable js/ts completion too
fix matchparen colors

So that the active cursor does not look incorrectly inverted
vim: use lunaperche colorscheme, enable matchparen