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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#This is now archived and no longer supported

Every once in a while someone would go to Issues looking for help on how to get the correct Google auth tokens. I totally sympathize, since the flow to get them is not obvious to non-programmers - hell, it's a PITA for programmers too. I've tried to assist them the best I could, with unfortunately varying results.

I have zero interest in Google Drive nowadays, so just to set realistic expectations: This is a proof of concept. Setting it up with your own credentials requires doing your own research, for which I offer no assistance.

#Google Drive video support for mpv

Demo: https://junk.imnhan.com/mpv-gdrive.mp4


# This script shells out to `curl` for properly verified https requests.
sudo pacman -S curl

mkdir -p ~/.config/mpv/scripts ~/.config/mpv/script-opts
ln -s "$PWD/gdrive.lua" "$HOME/.config/mpv/scripts/gdrive.lua"
cp ./gdrive.conf ~/.config/mpv/script-opts/gdrive.conf
# Now fill out your google credentials in gdrive.conf

mpv 'https://drive.google.com/file/d/abCDef/view'
# or
mpv 'gdrive://abCDef'
# where abCDef is the file id

I'm still trying to figure out a reasonably convenient UX for this.

#Helper userscript

Now when browsing Google Drive you should have something like this on the bottom left: