fix empty body/charset case; use regex
parse and correctly use mimetype+charset from meta
correctly render text/* mime type
fix relative link redirects, bump 0.5.14

dark mode with --dark cli arg
bump 0.5.13, add mailing list instructions
Parse absolute url links with scheme omitted

This enables McRoss to parse links that start with "//", which is just
"gemini://" but with "gemini:" omitted but implied, in accordance with
the Gemini spec, section 1.2.

Additionally, this patch takes McRoss all the way to #0008 of the
conman.org torture test, instead of #0002.
move CLI parsing out of controller, bump 0.5.12
Add CLI arguments to pick custom fonts

Users can now pick custom fonts via args `--textfont` and `--monofont`.
This is a WIP patch. Todos:
- Add more font candidates to the "default" font lists
- Add help text for arguments
- Perhaps a config file
show request time status, add request timeout
implement alt-shortcuts for buttons
fix bug when visiting relative url from root

enforce max header length too
correctly read response header

wrap words instead of char
bump version 0.5.8
don't check tls cert for now

Turns out there are more self-signed sites than otherwise. Apparently
the generally accepted way for gemini is trust-on-first-use. Before I
can implement that properly I'll just turn off cert validation