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@@ 7,14 7,20 @@ It currently looks like this:


Or check out the demo video: https://junk.imnhan.com/mcross.mp4

Surfing plaintext and gemini content is already working well.
Surfing plaintext and gemini content is already working well. The catch is it
currently doesn't support downloading binary content and TOFU TLS verification.
See feature checklist below for more details.

See my [blog post][1] for the rationale behind this project.

# Installation

You need python 3.7 or higher. McRoss also uses `idlelib` which is supposed to
be included in the standard library but some linux distros split it into a
separate package which you'll need to install manually. I know at least [Ubuntu
and Void Linux][2] do this.

pip install mcross

@@ 26,13 32,6 @@ Maybe it's finally time to try nuitka?

# Development


- python3.7+
- idlelib (it's supposed to be in the standard lib but Ubuntu for example
  splits it into a separate package)
- curio - for async I/O so that it doesn't block the UI.

To get started:


@@ 54,10 53,10 @@ poetry publish --build
- [x] non-blocking I/O using curio
- [x] more visual indicators: waiting cursor, status bar
- [x] parse gemini's advanced line types
- [ ] TOFU TLS (right now it accepts whatever)
- [ ] properly handle mime types (gemini/plaintext/binary)
- [ ] configurable document styling
- [ ] human-friendly distribution
- [ ] TOFU TLS (right now it always accepts self-signed certs)

Long term high-level goals:

@@ 94,3 93,6 @@ respond with `53 No proxying to other hosts!`.

Spec says a newline should be \r\n but the server running
gemini.circumlunar.space just uses \n every time.

[1]: https://hi.imnhan.com/posts/introducing-mcross-a-minimal-gemini-browser/
[2]: https://todo.sr.ht/~nhanb/mcross/3