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WIP: simplify lua dependency


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Linux & Windows builds: builds.sr.ht status

Quick demo:


Very early WIP. The goal is to eventually become a user-friendly static site generator that:

  • Uses an SQLite database per site instead of collections of flat files
  • Has a traditional web-based CMS interface
  • Simplifies deployment to popular targets (GH/GL/SRHT Pages, Tilde/SDF-likes via rsync, etc.)
  • Acts reasonably like a desktop program, with proper .bloghead filetype association

The average computer-literate person deserves to completely own their blog publishing pipeline in $current_year!

This also doubles as my daily therapy session to recover from workday-induced architectureastronomyphobia. That means rejecting abstraction until it hurts, then we can consider a minimum viable refactor. This is half useful software, half contrarian art piece.


Current dev dependencies:

  • go
  • lua: to run the djot-to-html script
  • tcl/tk: for startup dialog/filepicker
  • (optional) entr: for make watch
  • (optional) mingw-w64: to cross-compile from Linux to Windows.

I've been developing mainly on Arch Linux, but the CI builds work on Debian 9 ("stretch") to ensure maximum glibc compatibiliy. Also cross-compiles to Windows just fine. MacOS is TODO.

make init-db
ln -s "$PWD/vendored/djot.lua" /usr/bin/djot.lua  # or anywhere in your $PATH
make watch

Runtime dependencies:

  • For Windows: everything is included in the zip. Just extract and run bloghead.exe.
  • For Linux: bloghead assumes these executables are available from your $PATH:
    • tclsh - must include tk too.
    • lua
    • djot.lua - this is included in the zip, just put it somewhere in your $PATH.

Things are especially messy right now. Proper desktop-friendly distribution will be done once core features are in place.

#Update vendored djot lua script

cd djot && git pull && cd ..
go run ./cmd/vendordjot

#Local build container

Although the Makefile works with plain Arch linux, there's a Dockerfile that's supposed to match the CI's build environment. Use it to quickly debug and iterate on CI tasks:

docker build -t bloghead .
docker run --rm -it bloghead bash

#Linux desktop integration

They're in the ./freedesktop/ dir. Try editing the hardcoded paths there then stow freedesktop.

#Prior art

Lektor is a heavy inspiration, but doesn't go far enough to accommodate non-developers IMHO.