packages: cryptography: formatting.
rde quickfix qtwayland back to version 5.
packages: cryptography: simpler age.
packages: cryptography: passage can be used with rage.
packages: crates-cryptography: add rage.
package: crates-cryptography: adding rust-age-plugin-yublikey.
packages: cryptography: better formatting, enabling passing tests.
packages: cryptography: add custom libfifo2 with udev-rules.
packages: cryptography: adding age and propagating to passage.
packages: yubikey-agent: clarify propagated-inputs.
feature ssh: add option ssh-ssh-agent to start ssh-agent.
adding a copy of password-utils from RDE.
rde: feature ssh: adding option smart-card?
import feature-ssh from RDE.
packages: vosk: update.
feature version-control: add bpb to home-profile.
package: rust-pbp: add development-inputs.
signing commits with bpb from now on.
rde: adapting feature version-control for use with bpb.
importing feature-git from RDE.