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A Rust log implementation that logs messages using Apple's new unified logging system.

Note: Rather annoyingly, the log levels used by the unified logging system are different than the ones used by log (e.g. log::Level::Error, log::Level::Debug). Even though several of them share the same names, they are not the closest equivalents to their namesakes in log. What follows is my best effort at matching up the closest equivalents between the two log level schemes. I'm open to pull requests modifying this mapping (by changing impl From<Level> for OsLogType) if anyone thinks they can make improvements.

log Crate oslog Crate
Level::Error OsLogType::Fault
Level::Warn OsLogType::Error
Level::Info OsLogType::Default
Level::Debug OsLogType::Info
Level::Trace OsLogType::Debug

My reasoning behind this mapping is based on the descriptions of the unified log levels here.


Add both oslog and log to your Cargo.toml:

log = "0.4"
oslog = { git = "https://git.sr.ht/~nerosnm/oslog" }

and to your crate root:

extern crate log;
extern crate oslog;

Then, to initialize logging, call init() or init_custom() in your crate:

use oslog::init_custom;

fn main() {
	// Initialize logging
	init_custom("com.example.crate", "category")
		.expect("Could not initialize oslog");
	// Send a log message
	trace!("Initialized logging for com.example.crate category");


oslog is licensed under the MIT License.