Add scrolling via arrow keys, page up/down, home/end
Add smooth scrolling
Fix initial scroll
Add scrolling
Fix text/gemini parsing for preformatted text
Add redirects
Add built-in pages, prepare for links
Fix utf-8 related bug and lerp loading bar

If the breaking logic ended up backing up to a codepoint with a
different width than the codepoint at "i", the width was incorrectly
set, and the next index could end up in the middle of a multi-byte
Render errors
Add content resizing, loading graphic
Add off-main-thread page loading
Fix text rendering bugs, add link underlines, mono font fallback
Fix text rendering
Add mono font as well
Add readme note about tcc

It works! :)
Include Atkinson Hyperlegible Font
Fix null dereference when font file is not found
Add proper link line handling
Add a mention of Lagrange to the readme
Add initial text rendering code