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@@ 14,7 14,7 @@ This program has 3 general use-cases:
   `<style>`) to be looked at / served via a file server.

   activity-graph -r <dir-with-your-repos> -o test.html [-c test.css]
   activity-graph -r <dir-with-your-repos> generate -o test.html [-c test.css]

3. Serving the generated html and css straight from memory via

@@ 24,6 24,20 @@ This program has 3 general use-cases:
   activity-graph -r <dir-with-your-repos> server --host

## Building

Install Rust 1.43.1 and Cargo 1.43.0 (or newer), and then run the
following command:

cargo build --release [--features server]

The executable is `target/release/activity-graph[.exe]`.

Might work on older versions of Rust and/or Cargo, and probably does,
but those versions are what I wrote this with.

## Optional features

- `rayon` is *enabled* by default, but is optional. It allows for the