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# Shayla

Generate an HTML static site from markdown sources.
Generate an HTML static site from markdown sources - [Complete article](https://ne02ptzero.me/blog/making-a-simple-yet-fast-static-site-builder.html)

### Clone

    git clone git://git.ne02ptzero.me/shayla --recursive
    git clone https://git.mobley.ne02ptzero.me/~louis/shayla --recursive

### Compile and Install

    cd shayla/ && mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make && sudo make install

### Usage
### Packaged versions

Archlinux user can get the binaries through the AUR packages `shayla` or `shayla-git`

### Binaries

You can get the binary directly [here](https://cdn.ne02ptzero.me/shayla/)

### Using `Shayla`
    Usage: shayla -[vhtsldrfuit]
    Generate an HTML static site for markdown sources.
    If used with no options, shayla will look for directory in the current path.

      -v, --version            Print software version

@@ 26,3 37,60 @@ Generate an HTML static site from markdown sources.
      -i, --img=DIR            Images directory
      -t, --threads=NUM        Number of threads to launch
          --debug              Print more information

#### Tree

Here's the 'required' tree for `Shayla`:

    ├── img
    ├── layouts
    │   ├── footer.html
    │   ├── header.html
    │   └── intro.html
    ├── markdown
    └── styles

'required' is quoted because directories can have any names, could be at any
place on your filesystem. This is just the default setup.

- `img` is the directory where you are to store all your images. You can
  reference them by using `![My super image](img/my_super_image.png)` in your
- `layouts` is the directory where you are to store the template files of your
  sites. `header.html` and `footer.html` are pretty much self explanatory, and
  `intro.html` is what it is displayed on the `index.html` page, juste above
  the articles.
- `markdown` is where you are to store your pages, in markdown.
- `styles` is where you are to store your `.css` files.

There is no `shayla init`. I think you can manage creating 4 directories by

#### Post

A little header is required at the beginning of every post:

    title: My first Article
    summary: This is my first article

These 2 are _required_ for every post. Here's a complete list of all the options:

- `route`: Future route name of the article. It will be displayed as
  `route.html` is the final site. It is up to you to handle duplicates.
- `summary`: A one-line quick summary of the article, It is used for link title
  and RSS generation.
- `title`: Title of the article
- `date`: Date of the article in `YYYY-MM-DD` format. If this option is not
  here, `shayla` will look for the `last modified` timestamp from the
  filesystem in order to establish a chronology.
- `list`: Boolean option, whether or not the article should be listed on the
  `index.html`. Default is `true`.

#### Building the website

    $> shayla --title "My site title" \
        --dest /var/www/htdocs/blog \
        --favicon ~/Pictures/blog_favicon.ico \
        --url "https://blog.ne02ptzero.me"