ref: 83fbefef0ee2a8ed0856b7bb731634cde8d7f7bf python-compiler/compiler.py -rwxr-xr-x 30.9 KiB
start adding infrastructure for functions
better debug messages
first full program compiling from source!
add support to write elf executables and test basic if statement program
fix offset calculation
more cutesy syntax and support for jne
small mypy fix
add initial support for labels and jumps to the assembler and some more work on indentation
made mypy happy
fixed indent parsing a bit
fixed test_normalize by implementing unification -- perhaps a bit overkill, but it's fun :)
fix bugs and add support for 32-bit registers
start building an assembler
begin work on codegen
clean up nodeclass() and add tests
implemented my namedtuple thing
add anf transform for variable assignment
add anf transform for return stmt
add anf transform for if statement