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A wrapper.sh
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# wrapper.sh example
# Dep: youtube-dl, mpv, notify-send, dmenu
# This script will be a wrapper of the Go programming using handling pipe data.
# The idea is that this will allow keep the program to stick to doing one thing.
# While it is possible to use pipes in Golang, I find this approach to be better
# for integration into a Linux system. However, this could be changed in the
# future and integrated into the Go program. We'll see. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE.

# Set timeout to 4s
alias notify-send="notify-send -t 4000"
# Set dmenu prompt
alias dmenu="dmenu -p 'play >' -l 10"

case $1 in
		notify-send "YouTube CLI" "Added $channelName."
		printf "%s\n" "Default placeholder."
		printf "%s\n" "Default placeholder."