0.0.25 1 year, 5 months ago

galaxy.moe 0.0.25

LordNature (25):
      LICENSE: GPL 3.0
      main.go: Design main() skeleton and functionality
      .gitignore: Added binary from Go and build/ dir
      templates/: Added templates from old dynamic Go site
      main.go: Added basic functionality for compiling
      scss/: Added css and Makefile from old dynamic site
      generate.go: Moved generation functionality
      assets/: Added pi.txt graphic and vip.js for Aersia music
      templates/: Added Aersia VIP template
      generate.go: Handle compiling for index and vip
      Makefile: Added phony & changed for build directory
      templates/: Changed `static/` links to `assets/`
      templates/nav.html: Changed `vip` URL to `vip.html`
      templates/head.html: Removed unused inline css
      Removed Sass in favor of CSS
      index: Changed <em> to be <b> for proper bold css
      Changed styling of pages and updated content
      vip: Seperated CSS, centered content, & removed quotes
      footer: Made footer unsticky & added license info
      Added about.html & made vip.html controls visible
      blog: Added ability to create blog posts.
      nav.html: Fixed spacing.
      assets/vip.js: Fixed infinite scrolling bug.
      assets/specs.txt: Added spec list.
      assets/specs.txt: Added CPU, MOBO, RAM, PSU, and cooler.