assets/specs.txt: Added CPU, MOBO, RAM, PSU, and cooler.
assets/specs.txt: Added spec list.
assets/vip.js: Fixed infinite scrolling bug.

Because the WAP and CPP had `http://` rather than `https://` links, they would
reject loading the m4a file due to the following error in console:
`Blocked loading mixed display content`
`Uncaught (inpromise DOMException): The media resource indicated by the src att-
ribute or assigned media provider object was not suitable.`

This patch adds a workaround that replaces the `http://` with `https://`.
nav.html: Fixed spacing.
blog: Added ability to create blog posts.

	Added `about.html` to the generator.
	Added `generatePosts()` to call the umbrella function to generate blog posts.
	`convertPost()` converts a markdown file to the formatted html.
	`generatePosts()` is an umbrella function that generates each post and
		produces a `posts.html` file with all posts and URLs to them.
	Added `posts.html`.
	Basic formatting for post. Just takes markdown from parsed data interface.
	Added with name, date, and URL.
Added about.html & made vip.html controls visible
footer: Made footer unsticky & added license info
vip: Seperated CSS, centered content, & removed quotes
Changed styling of pages and updated content

	- Removed old GALAXY description.
	- Moved each command to its own paragraph.
	- Removed styling for no paragraph spacing to complement above change.
	- Changed color to more cheerful one.
	- Centered header.
	- Changed <aside> to <nav>
index: Changed <em> to be <b> for proper bold css
Removed Sass in favor of CSS

	Removed CSS building for Sass, one less dependency.
main.sass -> main.css:
	- Rewrote Sass to CSS.
	- Removed old animation support (Web Standards updated since 2017).
	- Removed useless variables & header definitions.
	- Removed scrollbar to not highjack the users's & for accessibility.
	- Prefer the user's font.
templates/head.html: Removed unused inline css
templates/nav.html: Changed `vip` URL to `vip.html`
templates/: Changed `static/` links to `assets/`
Makefile: Added phony & changed for build directory
generate.go: Handle compiling for index and vip

- Moved compiling to single function in generate.go to improve footprint
- Added index handler with a data pass-through to generatePage
- Made generatePage take a "global" template variable and data interface
- Improved error return on main.go
templates/: Added Aersia VIP template
assets/: Added pi.txt graphic and vip.js for Aersia music
generate.go: Moved generation functionality
scss/: Added css and Makefile from old dynamic site