bin/pass-dmenu: don't remember why I did this.
sway: made fzfmenu float by default.
mpv: sane-volume on start
bin/dmenu: compatibility layer for dmenu->fzfmenu
bin/fzfmenu: added fzf terminal menu
android-sync: delete files removed in src from dest.
fish: append indicators on ls.
sway: moved wallpaper & fix xdg-desktop-portal-wlr.

- Wallpaper is symlinked for interchangeability.
- see https://github.com/emersion/xdg-desktop-portal-wlr/wiki/systemd-user-services,-pam,-and-environment-variables
bin/: POSIX-compliance on scripts.

pass-dmenu: `[[ ]]` to `[ ]`
rename-seq: `$((n++))` is not POSIX
music: `==` to `=`
vpn: Removed bashisms and added jq as dependency.
gal: POSIX-compliance and sanity checks on spaces.

Removed `${filename// /\\ }` bashism and converted spaces to underscores as well
as passed in all variables with "<var>".
weather: POSIX-compliance.

I did not know that disown was not POSIX. Changing to /bin/dash showed me this.
sxiv: Removed -r by default.
bin/delcord: Changed from keybind to click for reset.
bin/delcord: Added xdotool script to delete discord messages.
amdgpu: Underclock GPU because MSI BIOS sucks ass.
movfs4l.py: Wine 4.21 fixed USVFS on Linux.

Plus stopped playing Bethesda games on Linux.
sway-layout: Changed execution order.
status_bar: Removed music, added UTC, use printf.
chromium: Enabled Vulkan support.