Twitter link pivot
Use bitflags for features list

That then allows us to remove the lifetime argument on SuperH and
SuperHDecoder, which makes everything a lot easier to work with.

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Bump version to 0.3.0. Add Noa to authors list
Fix crates.io version badge
Test whole {,yaxpeax}{,std} matrix on CI
Add an std feature

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Reformat. Add iximeow to authors list
c2004e87 — iximeow 2 years ago
bump yaxpeax-arch to 0.2.4 and adjust corresponding API differences

because yaxpeax-arch traits changed, update our minor veresion number as
Bump yaxpeax-arch to 0.0.5. Bump version to 0.1.1

yaxpeax-arch 0.0.5 replaces termion with crossterm,
and, since it's pre-0.1.0, we need to update with it
Autodeploy doc
Some more displays
Fix display of immediates
Fix CAS.L links
Expose privilege
There's a bugtracker and mailing list now. We out here!
Hand-polishing, just lik-
Test decoder against, well, the big ole fucken table(s)