ref: 06aa925affdaf9b4fbbb8ba68ec4530e662a25e7 yaxpeax-dis/Cargo.toml -rw-r--r-- 836 bytes
add ia64
2c29f911 — iximeow 8 months ago
bump yaxpeax-x86
bump yaxdis version, update cargo versions, add repo metadata
allow file inputs, update decoders, add avr

"update decoders" here means bump decoders to yaxpeax-arch 0.0.4 versions. additionally, this pulls in fixes in x86 0.0.11

add avr decoder by @The9P4C!!
update yaxpeax-dis decoders plus x86:32 decoding
bump version
add readme to Cargo.toml so it shows on crates.io
clean up yaxdis and make for usable help
good morning