and worse, make urls github by default while i figure out why about sometimes doesnt render
6c8ff502 — iximeow 2 months ago
fix relative urls to absolute

relative urls didnt work so well on github
9c40bdcf — iximeow 2 months ago
add yaxpeax-avr to the matrix
788d6477 — iximeow 2 months ago
update README and linkify libraries
e5c1d6a7 — iximeow 6 months ago
🥳  x86
add AddressDiff, CHANGELOG, and bump to 0.0.4
12db880a — iximeow 11 months ago
update readme to include x86 32-bit support
that lock file shouldnt have been here...
add m16c to architecture list
bump crate version
Default impl of ColorSettings was needlessly feature gated

on a feature that doesnt exist, no less!
bump crate version
finally replace `stringy` with something usable

addresses must implement a function that returns a struct that is
applicably formattable. particularly because the default Display impl on
primitives is not necessarily desirable, if you want hex. additionally
this allows meaningful Display for complex (eg, not a single primitive)
addresses, such as segmented memory

also expose AddressDisplay to name outside this crate. what an oversight

this makes yaxpeax-arch no_std. generally nothing has changed w.r.t
downstream crates, but a lot to do with colorization has been moved
tweaked to make it no_std-friendly (specifically, allowing `termion` to
be an optional dependency)

this also makes address parsing optional, in the hopes that decode-only
use cases don't need to involve as much machinery when building.
forgot one line in sorting, oof
default Decoder::decode() impl
sort Cargo.toml entries, add keywords, edition=2018
update readme, license, Cargo.toml
allow for granular and customizable errors when decoding instructions
color helper for misc instructions