I love integers
Fix extra space in dd progress seconds. Add daysThh:mm:ss readout after a minute
Also bump/splice/c_f_r for head -c: common (well I hit it yesterday) usecase for subslicing files
HISTORYise who, users
Don't add newline if no results in users
The filter is very obviously not prefix :v
Force USER_PROCESSes with ESRCH ut_pids to be DEAD_PROCESSes
Use POSIX-conformant time spec if LC_TIME=C
Add who
Proof signal bits of env.1
Commonalise sv[sv.size()] ? strndupa() : sv.data()
utmpx strings aren't NUL-terminated!
Add users (who -q wrapper)
Ar WRAP -> Ar wrap
POSIX requires utmpx, so of course OpenBSD doesn't have it
OpenBSD moment. again
base64 -> basenc w/base2[lm]sbf and z85
Share columnation
Add pinky

i love the dynamic loader