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#klapki Licence

EFI boot manager; or, well, an EFI bootorder compiler.



You'll need libssl-dev and libefi{var,boot}-dev, and make should hopefully Just Work™.


Copy out/klapki to /sbin and write a /etc/klapki/{description,cmdline}, as seen in the manpage,

#Reporting bugs

There's the tracker, but also see the list below.


Send a patch inline, as an attachment, or a git link and a ref to pull from to the list (~nabijaczleweli/klapki@lists.sr.ht) or me directly. I'm not picky, just please include the repo name in the subject prefix.


Please use the tracker, the list, or Twitter.

#Special thanks

To all who support further development on Patreon, in particular:

  • ThePhD
  • Embark Studios