Don't deploy klapki(8) fragment to klapki-man. Link to manpage on githack
Fix builds on CI
Update manpage example listings to reflect that the paths are now upper-case by default
Disable stripping by default, use STRIP=strip to enable
toupper()ify paths before writing them

The AMIBIOS on my OneMix 3 does this itself,
so the path we write is "\klapki\...", but the path that's committed to
flash is "\KLAPKI\...", which means the SHAs don't match, so we never
find the entries again

We might need to just read the entry back and hash it if other systems
do worse things (though that I doubt, or, rather, hope to be false)
Don't fail on no manpage changes
No buster packages since libfmt-dev is too old there
Add screenshot and explanation to README
Project now uses README from here, link manpage to -man
You cannot shorten these URLs like that
Thank mutt for people who *have* written C++ in the past two years
Add to-be-valid Debian installation instruxions. Use proper tag-based version detexion
Add uninstallation sexions to manpage and README
Last pass #notspon
Poast to man branch and klapki-man
Unfucky/unwucky the manpage, as we in the industry say
This is kinda releasablish
General cleanup
Sort our boot entries. Handle KLAPKI_EFI_ROOT better maybe?
Verify it's only HD()/File()