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Note FreeBSD libefivar port and lack of usefulness on classic UNIX distributions in README
That's half a colon!
I use this on my laptop with SecureBoot
Don't deploy klapki(8) fragment to klapki-man. Link to manpage on githack
No buster packages since libfmt-dev is too old there
Add screenshot and explanation to README
Project now uses README from here, link manpage to -man
You cannot shorten these URLs like that
Add to-be-valid Debian installation instruxions. Use proper tag-based version detexion
Add uninstallation sexions to manpage and README
Last pass #notspon
Poast to man branch and klapki-man
Unfucky/unwucky the manpage, as we in the industry say
This is kinda releasablish
You could now read boot entries, if there had been any
Context, folding, reduced allocations; we're living life
Add state loading+tests
Basic arg parsing