Project now uses README from here, link manpage to -man
You cannot shorten these URLs like that
Thank mutt for people who *have* written C++ in the past two years
Add to-be-valid Debian installation instruxions. Use proper tag-based version detexion
Add uninstallation sexions to manpage and README
Last pass #notspon
Poast to man branch and klapki-man
Unfucky/unwucky the manpage, as we in the industry say
This is kinda releasablish
General cleanup
Sort our boot entries. Handle KLAPKI_EFI_ROOT better maybe?
Verify it's only HD()/File()
variants get properly propagated now
Add delkernel. Do LTO on GCC. Probably other things
Turns out you don't need to make and delete dozens of directories if you just think
This might be releasable some day!
ive done other things today, what an accomplishment!
please daddy gcc ive done nothing to deserve this