Don't segfault on commit if there are no boot entries

Very rare, especially since firmwares usually add their own stuff,
but some (like my laptop) only on reboot
Recommend new Debian repo signing
Fix list widths in manual. Add manual break-points in URLs and overlong paths
Render manual tag artifacts at A4 size
Fix modified line numbers for ucs2.h
Fix building on sid libstdc++
Makefile dead code cleanup
Use system fmt
Remove fmt2 as submodule
Use system Catch2
Remove Catch2 as submodule
Use \(ti and \(ha for ~ and ^
30dba7e0 — Grzegorz Szymaszek 11 months ago
Add missing domain in the mailing list mailto link

The project mailing list link URL in the README.md was set to
“mailto:~nabijaczleweli/klapki” — this email address lacks the
domain part, which should be “lists.sr.ht”.

Message-Id: <Yrx8rX4linn5Ffhg@nx64de-df6d00>
Upload build artifacts to tag like tzpfms
Fix KLAPKI_VERSION embedding in manuals
Remove authors list from manual (=> font preparation on CI)
it doesnt want to let me connect to the builder. hm
Proof klapki.8