Recommend new Debian repo signing
Use \(ti for ~
Add MacOS PDF manual link. Fix extra space in febug.8 --{help,version}
Show long options in usage. Align febug_message member names in febug-abi.5. Proof manual
Format variable_{type,id} with PRIu64, removing static_asserts
Fix libfebug.3. Build postscript manuals on {Free,Open}BSD, too
Fix manual lint on NetBSD 9.2
Fix backslash escaping in examples
Reflow examples to 82 (max)/80 (ideal) to fit in manual
Bullseye no longer has apt-key
Don't build manuals to man(7)
Fix missing includes
Regenerate how.png on bullseye
Touch up manuals to make sense as mdoc(7)
We've got more than two examples nowadays
environment debugged programs' environment
Fix tweet link
Link to Macintosh manpages from README
Don't run over systems where MSG_NOSIGNAL is defined to an enum variant
Document -d in febug(8)