PyPortal used as a display badge for GenCon
00e50f84 — Alexander Hagerman 6 months ago
Add mpy and build.
80016149 — Alexander Hagerman 6 months ago
Add mpy and build.
45d0c88e — Alexander Hagerman 6 months ago
Distinguish between menu and screen in code. These are closely related for the project but adds clarity. Create a new function to handle menu transitions.


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The Gen Con portal is a small project to create a portable badge for 2019. Currently the badge will display a series of maps related to the Con, a schedule, countdown and D20 roller.

Gen Con 2019 PyPortal


Thank you to the team at Adafruit for creating the PyPortal and CircuitPython. I wouldn't have built this without their hard work


I would love to hear other ideas for fun badge items at Gen Con. You can find ideas I have or things I'm working on in the repo issues. Currently the main area of focus is better memory management and profiling so I can let the badge do more without crashing.