Emacs updates.
Updated emacs moving to use-package.
Add eshell settings.

Add setting file to have eshell/emacs interact with zsh regularly.
Add emacs and dvorak updates.
zsh updates.

Add dir alias example and history search filter.
Updating dot files.

Switch to zsh after reading man. New RSS trackers. Aliases moved into stand alone file.
Emacs updates.
Fix package init in .emacs
Updated emacs.
Add emacs.
Clean up.

Update from changes over the last few months.
Switch shell and tree.

Changed default shell to eshell with term to zsh. Trying treemacs.
Spacemacs config update.

Switch to LSP mode on  dev branch.
Python venv

Add automatic Python virtualenv activation.
New init.

Clean out the old, update with the current :)
14d9ad38 — Alex Hagerman 1 year, 11 months ago
52eff7f4 — Alex Hagerman 2 years ago
Add racer to settings.
a99acc87 — Alex Hagerman 2 years ago
Clean up merge. Keep build for vim on rhel, add rust settings into rhel.
8ecdaff5 — Alex Hagerman 2 years ago
Added rust support to install and vim.
73e20ac3 — Alex Hagerman 2 years ago
Update .vimrc
25e79afa — Alex Hagerman 2 years ago
Update with conda config paths.